Spring Flower Pictures

A page devoted to Cyprus spring flower pictures to show you visually how wonderful springtime over here really is.

purpleanemonepicture Purple anemone

Spring is probably my favorite season here in Cyprus, first because the landscape is lush and green after the winter rains; second because the temperature is perfect for cycling and walking - except when the strong winds blow that is!

I just love walking our dogs Rocky and Arni every day to see what new delights have sprouted up from the ground.

Even when it's raining, it's still fun to go hunting for new plants although taking photos is more of a challenge!

Tip: As early as end-January, you can see thousands of these beautiful anemones in various shades of purple and pink. They especially like wild shrubland and we have a lot of that where we live on the rural north west:)

Best Time to Visit to Take Spring Flower Pictures

While the vast majority of tourists turn up in July and August looking to burn themselves to a cinder on the beach, the clever ones visit the island in March and April - the best time to visit Cyprus for beautiful countryside walks when everything is lush and green!

With every wild flower imaginable littering the paths and tracks, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to taking spring flower pictures. Just make sure you bring a reasonable camera, preferably with a digital close-up function like the Canon Sureshot 750 I used to take these pictures.

Or of course your mobile phone, which probably has a better camera than my old Canon Sureshot! Although modern small digital cameras like the Canon Ixus cost a fraction of the price of a decent mobile phone AND fit neatly into your pocket.

The close-up function on cameras or mobiles allows you to zoom in on a flower head and capture each bloom in intricate detail. I now have so many photos, I'm not sure what to do with them all, so I thought I'd post a few more here on the site so you can share in the beauty of a Cyprus spring, even if you can't get over here at that time.

Spring Wild Flowers

Here are some of the best photos taken last year in March 2015 on a walking trip we did with some clients. We saw thousands of irises, gorgeous mini star of Bethlehem flowers on the Akamas and, the rare wild tulip, also spotted on the Akamas but ssh...you have to know where to go and I don't want to tell you, as others may decide to go and pick them.

redanemonepicture pinkanemonepicture







Wild Orchids in Cyprus

Here are just a few pictures of the thousands of beautiful wild orchids in Cyprus. The best of these can be found in the Kritou Terra area near Polis and also on the Akamas peninsula.





With the opportunity to take beautiful spring flower pictures like these, there can be no better place to take your camera or mobile phone than Cyprus in the spring. Come on over!

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