Best Currency Exchange Rates

Read my tips on finding the best currency exchange rates for your holiday in Cyprus.

If you're planning a holiday to Cyprus, you need to find the best euro rates to make your money go further. The problem is that most currency brokers, whether it's your bank, the post office or even your local supermarket, charge a high commission.

Even if commission is free, your exchange rate is usually very low, so you pay more somewhere along the line.

Tip: New online currency brokers like Moneycorp offer better rates as they have lower overheads ie. no bricks and mortar. They can also get your currency to you in 24 hours.

Another new way to get the best currency exchange rates is to buy a currency card before you travel. They're becoming a popular way to get the most for your money and they beat travellers cheques hands down when it comes to hefty bank commissions!

Holiday Money

Many people worry about taking their holiday money in cash when they travel. While it's easy to lose money if you're not being careful or you are absent-minded, as long as you store cash safely, Cyprus is a very safe place.

When I'm planning a holiday, I look to take some holiday money in cash (around 20% of what I plan to spend) and then I use my credit card or debit card to pay for meals, excursions or petrol if hiring a car.

Tip:Credit cards are widely accepted in Cyprus in most establishments in the main towns like Paphos and Limassol, but if heading into the hills, small village tavernas will only take cash. And don't bother taking a cheque book, as most places do not like taking cheques, especially foreign ones!

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