Cheap Mobile Phone Calls from Cyprus

Make cheap mobile phone calls from Cyprus to friends and family abroad using a local number rather than dialling an international number.

cheap mobile phone calls Make cheap mobile calls abroad

Phone calls are relatively cheap here in Cyprus, even if you only have a mobile phone like us as, living in a remote area, it's too expensive to install a landline through CYTA, the telephone company.

I have a subscription contract on my mobile phone with CYTA where I pay just €2 per month and my calls are usually no more than €10 a month.

My mum lives in Malta and my brother back in the UK, so calls to family from a mobile can be expensive, but I've found a great way to reduce the cost of my international phone calls by dialling a local number to talk with family and friends abroad.

Tip: While many people use Skype or Facetime to make free or low cost calls, including video calls, my elderly mum has no idea how to use a computer and my brother doesn't have a fast broadband connection, so the local phone numbers I use to dial their numbers are a great low cost alternative.

Make Cheap Mobile Phone calls Abroad

So how do you make cheap mobile calls abroad using a local number? The answer is to open an account with Local Phone.

cheap mobile phone calls Make cheap mobile calls abroad

The sign up process is quick and easy and once your account is set up, all you do is add the international phone numbers you want to dial and then make a note of the local number created to make the call. I can talk to my mum for ages and it only costs a few cents.

Since I set up my account 3 years ago, I've only used around €15 of the €25 I added to my account which makes for crazily cheap mobile phone calls from Cyprus.

While I normally just ring my mum's landline number, which is cheaper, over the last month I had to ring her mobile number when she was in hospital. While it's obviously more expensive to ring a mobile number from another mobile phone, the cost was still only around €1 for a ten minute call.

Cheap International Phone Call

The beauty of using Local Phone is that the cheap international phone call doesn't just have to be from Cyprus. If you are travelling, you can access your account and get a local phone number for the country you are in. No need to set up any new numbers - you just change the country and you get a whole new set of numbers with the relevant country code for that particular location.

Tip: I've also set up numbers on my account for my mum so she can dial me and my brother at a cheap rate and believe me, her phone calls abroad were really expensive before I joined Local Phone.

It's worth pointing out that the local call you make does also incur a charge with your phone company, in my case CYTA, but it's at the local rate rather than the international rate.

So if you want to make cheap mobile phone calls abroad, whether from Cyprus or any other country, take a look at Local Phone and save yourself lots of money.

TOP Tip: You can also download the Localphone app for your mobile phone to call or text your existing contacts through the Localphone app and save a fortune.

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