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cyprus property buyers

There are hundreds of Cyprus property websites out there, all telling you to BUY now, offering cheap property prices in Cyprus but rarely giving you a reason to choose THEM overanyone else.

Where on earth do you start to get really good Cyprus property advice and, with so many questions needing answering, how on earth do you find a good solicitor from hundreds of Cyprus Lawyers on the island?

Purchase Cyprus Property

We moved to the island 8 years ago and went through the pain of building our dream Cyprus property from scratch - you can see the results here.

I could write a book on the subject and certainly plan to do so one day, but hopefully my pages on Cyprus property will give you some valuable help if you are searching for your dream property in Cyprus too.

Back in January 2008, VAT was applied to land purchases as well as building sales so property prices in Cyprus increased to ridiculous rates. Since then, the market has weakened for British buyers due to the strength of the Euro versus Sterling, but developers and property agents all over the island are still trying hard to get a slice of the market through other foreign channels, notably the Russisian market.

I guess that is why there are so many Cyprus property consultants. You would think that there isn't enough room for them all but when they get 10% commission or more from every sale you can see that they only need to sell 2-3 properties per year to make a nice living for themselves.

Even in tiny Latchi, there are over 10 property offices and prices are still crazy with some 3 bedroom villas priced at over a million pounds sterling.

It sounds even higher now that prices here are in Euros!

Click on the links below for answers to your Cyprus property questions and become one of the happy Cyprus property buyers.

I'm still busy compiling information for more useful Cyprus property advice pages, but if you have a question in the meantime, just Ask CTS!

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