Nightlife in Cyprus

Find cool places for nightlife in Cyprus. Where to listen to great jazz, blues and rock music from the best Cyprus bands across the island.

If you're looking for things to do other than eating out or sipping a cocktail on your next trip to Cyprus, I'd thought I'd share some great places to listen to great jazz, rock and/or blues bands to make the most of your nightlife in Cyprus.

If you live on the island, there are many places to hang out and listen to great music. Sadly, living in Polis, means I don't get to hear my favourite bands often enough, as Polis is often too far from the main towns of Limassol and Nicosia where most of the best music is played.

zilla project Zilla Project live at Pomos Paradise Place

Sometimes, all you need is a good excuse for a night out and a stop over in either Nicosia or Limassol to see a favourite band, but NOW we have venues in Paphos too where we have seen some fantastic bands. So read on to find the coolest Cyprus bands and venues to listen to them in.

Nightlife in Cyprus

We get treated to some of the best Cyprus entertainment in the hot summer months, when staying up late to listen to great music in the great outdoors is sheer pleasure. If you are staying in or near Polis/Paphos, here are my favourite music venues to listen to Cyprus bands and enjoy the best nightlife in Cyprus:

  • Technopolis 20 in Paphos, specialising in jazz, classical and alternative music. This is currently my favourite venue as they offer events all year round, indoors in winter and outside in the tranquil gardens in summer. We have seen some amazing bands there including Macumba, a cuban style band and Trio Frisson who play a mix of R and B, funk and reggae style jazz!

  • Ravens in Limassol - a totally cool "den" with a fantastic atmosphere for blues/rock bands. We have seen Zilla Project (see below) there several times and also Kirk Fletcher all the way from the USA last year - well before Covid-19 struck!

  • Paradise Place in Pomos, 15km down the coast from Polis - a quirky bohemian kind of place with a fabulous outdoor setting, perfect for listening to jazz, rock and blues music. An amazing nightlife in Cyprus experience awaits and my favourite band Zilla Project, play here every summer.

  • The Hog's Head - located in Emba Paphos. A pub cafe bar serving pub grub with outdoor and indoor live music.

  • Sarah's Jazz Club - located in Nicosia. For great live jazz. We are lucky to have a thriving jazz scene now in Cyprus and many of the ensembles that play at Sarah's also come down to play at Technopolis on a regular basis.

  • Tala Amphitheatre - located at the top of Stephanie Hill in Tala, Paphos.

Cyprus Bands

My favourite of all the Cyprus bands on the island is Zilla Project.

A four piece band playing a mix of rock and blues music, Zilla are a talented bunch and will entertain you for hours.

NB Zilla recently released their debut album called This One's for the President and I love it.

We last saw the band at the Rock festival in Pomos when they played for almost 3 whole hours, but they also play regularly at the some of the above venues.

Know another cool venue for great nightlife in Cyprus? List it for free on my business listing entertainment page.

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