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Most English speaking residents prefer to read Cyprus newspapers in English for obvious reasons.

Even if you can speak Greek reasonably well, reading the news in print is a far more difficult proposition!

Choosing a Cyprus Newspapers

cyprus newspapers

The main newspaper written in English is the Cyprus Mail, a daily publication, accompanied by a magazine, "Seven" with the Sunday edition.

The paper also has an online edition which I personally find far more I never seem to find time to read a newspaper!

The Cyprus Mail internet edition is quick and easy to read, and now has a great new format so you can quickly find the news you need together with older more popular stories. Perfect for catching up with all the latest news.

For English speakers, there is also the Cyprus Weekly. otherwise known as In Cyprus

This "weekly" newspaper also has an online edition, with a more mobile friendly format than the Cyprus Mail.
We occasionally buy both papers, but most of the time we read the online editions. Be warned however, that many people like to comment online and we find the comments are often full of "whingeing" foreign resident stories and with plenty of complaints about most things Cypriot.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we've also been reading the online version of In Cyprus. See the link below.

My view is, if you come to live on the island, you need to accept the island for what it is, warts n' all and stop complaining!

IN Cyprus The English online version of Phileletheros.

The Greek Cyprus Newspaper

If you do want to read a newspaper in Greek, then here are your choices:

  • Phileleftheros - the main newspaper from Nicosia. 
  • Politis - the daily political paper. Link
  • Simerini - another daily paper.
  • And if you live in Northern Cyprus, the Kibris Gazete (written in Turkish).

If none of these newspapers interest you, then you can always do what many of the ex pats do... just buy a copy of a British 4x the price versus the UK!

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It could change the way you view Cyprus!

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