Spring Wild Flowers

The spring wild flowers in Cyprus are simply stunning.

Purple Goatsbeard picture

If you are a wild flower enthusiast or you like taking photos of wild flowers then come to Cyprus in March or April.

Our weekly walking group is constantly on the look out for rare wild orchids and other beautiful wild flowers which are so difficult to find amongst all the other foliage on sides of roads or in the middle of farm tracks.

Picking Spring Wild Flowers

In our view, it seems wrong to pick wild flowers, as beautiful as they might be, although we know many people on island that do pick the wild flower blooms purely for decorative purposes.

Many villagers still use the leaves, flowers and tubers of plants for herbal remedies and in cooking but they know what they are doing. There are also many myths surrounding certain wild flowers species.

Some wild flowers cannot tolerate being disturbed and simply die, in particular many species of wild orchids such as the Bee Orchid.

When walking in Cyprus, please leave the gorgeous prairie wild flowers alone, just look, smell, admire them and take a picture for your memories (oh and please share your pictures too).

Where to find wild flowers in Cyprus

Whilst you can find flowers in the wild almost everywhere in Cyprus in the springtime, the WEST of the island is one of the best places to find some of the rarest wild flowers.

Head over to the Akamas and the hillsides around the Polis area near the villages of Drouseia, Kritou Terra and Peristerona and you will be rewarded with an enormous variety of spring wild flowers including some rare orchids, wild and unspoilt nestling amongst a profusion of other flowers, grasses and weeds.

If you keep to tracks and paths you will see the more common wild flowers such as the majestic asphodels and tiny romulea.

To find the orchids, wild and undisturbed, you need to hunt a little harder on hillsides and amongst grassy banks filled with other flowers such as purple goatsbeard. (see above picture)

We'll give you an idea of what you can find in the following pictures

Pictures of Wild Flowers in Cyprus

Hover mouse over the pictures to see the names

poppy anemone
Tassel hyacinth

Large Blue Alkanet

Wild rosemary

See our recent discovery of wild orchids at the bottom of the garden!

Come to Cyprus in March/April soon to discover our secret spring wild flowers.

More wild flower pictures - share your pics too - I'm not that great on photography after all! Show me how good YOUR pictures are!

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