Orchids Wild in Cyprus

Rare orchids wild and free are sometimes hard to find.

Like this beautiful rare orchid Ophrys Flavomarginata:

ophrys flavomarginata orchid picture

But if you know where to look, Cyprus has many species of orchids to reveal.

Good places to start are the hillsides around the village of Kritou Terra, approximately 20 km from Paphos and located just after the larger village of Kathikas. There you can roam amongst the many tracks and trails onto hillsides covered in wild flowers and some of the rarest orchids on the island.

Further down the hillside between Droushia and Prodromi, there are also many beautiful tiny wild orchids to be found.

You do have to look very closely to spot some of them as the smallest ones are only about 10cm high and are often overlooked as they are smothered by larger wild flowers and tall grasses.

But once you have the "eye" for spotting these tiny wild orchids down low on the ground, you will start to see many more.

Pictures of beautiful orchids wild

Here I share our pictures of orchids, wild and free at the bottom of our garden.

Hover your mouse above each picture to see the name of the orchid...at least what I think they are called!

Ophrys umbilicata orchid picture

Ophrys umbilicata orchid picture

Ophrys lutea bee orchid picture

My favourite orchid is the one in the top picture. So beautiful when you capture an image when it first appears. I also love the wavy- leafed monkey orchid which is bright lilac in colour and often appears in clusters. We see them every spring on our dog walks.

If you are an orchid expert and you think I have mistaken some of these orchids for another species, please let me know.

My thanks to Michael Pettemerides who helped identify these gorgeous orchids. If interested, his Orchids of Cyprus blog has plenty more orchid pictures to look at.

We'll keep looking for more orchids, wild and free in Cyprus so bookmark this page so you know when more pictures of wild orchids are added.

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