Northern Cyprus

by Jane Roberts
(Herts. U.K)

Have you any recommendations for our stay in North Cyprus this August. We are staying near Aslancak, but want to get at and see the island on both sides. We will visit Mansoura Tavern which if we cross the border at Nicosia it sounds like it will be quite easy to access from there. So any other tips will be appreciated.

Jane Roberts

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Feb 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

Makes Sense. Thanks again.

Feb 06, 2009
Anassa hotel use by outside guests
by: Helen

Hi Jane

Don't know sorry.

For the indoor pool (which is in the spa) you would definitely need to pay something. Contact the spa directly.

For the beach I would ask why bother to pay (assuming you have to as they won't let you just walk down to it from the hotel )just to sit on a "private" beach which is only 100m from the other end of the same beach. That end you can get to by driving past the hotel entrance and parking near the Aphrodite beach hotel where you can freely sunbathe for nothing.



Feb 06, 2009
by: Jane Roberts

Thanks so much for your reply. When you go to the Anassa do you pay an entrance fee to use the beach and pool and if so much how do you normally pay?

Feb 03, 2009
Things to do in Cyprus
by: Helen

Hi Jane

I'm not an expert on Northern Cyprus as I've only been over there once (!) but would advise the following:

1 DO drive over and walk if possible on the Karpasian peninsula in the North. It's fondly called the "panhandle" here as it's the long thin bit that sticks out from the North east of the island. It is totally unspoilt over there so don't expect any infrastructure but as Cyprus used to be in the South many years ago.

2 Visit Bellapais (where Laurence Durrell wrote Bitter Lemons of Cyprus - well worth a read before you go) and then maybe the Pentadactylos (five fingered) mountains otherwise known as the Kyrenian mountains.

3 Go to Nicosia and walk around the old quarter on both side of the border. Then take a trip into the Troodos mountains - plenty to do in terms of the outdoors and the most unspoilt part of Southern Cyprus except the Akamas peninsula on the North west.

NB The lovely Mansoura tavern, whilst SO close to the Turkish border on our (southern) side is about the furthest you can get from Nicosia! You would have to drive to Paphos then to Polis and then have a 45 minute drive to Mansoura. That's why we've only been across to the North once as we're waiting for the border to be opened at Kato Pyrgos, 5 minutes from Mansoura!

4 Kyrenia or Girne as they call it in the North has a beautiful harbour but awash with building work on the hillsides but still worth a visit then further to the west is Morfou with a huge long bay that is totally unspoilt.

As the North is so unspoilt compared to Southern Cyprus I would avoid the main resorts of Limassol and Paphos - you will probably hate them as so built up but there are some great historical sites like the Tombs in Paphos or Kourion, the ancient Roman ruins in Limassol.

If you like countries still untouched by modernism then you will enjoy Northern Cyprus just don't expect too much infrastructure outside of Kyrenia, the main town.

Enjoy your trip


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