weather in Cyprus in winter months

by Rosetta Paul
(Tampa,FL. USA)

What is the weather like in Cyprus in the Karpas duing the months of October through March?

Is there a rainy season?
Is there still continuous sunshine ?
What are the temparatures like?
Would one ever need a winter coat?
Rosetta Paul

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Aug 11, 2009
winter weather in Cyprus
by: Helen


You can find the answer to this question along with many others all on my site. Just use the site map to find the pages you need. Yes it rains in winter here (mainly Jan to March) and it can be very heavy so you need to come prepared with a variety of different clothes.

While we are wrapped up in jeans and sweaters even during the day in winter, holidaymakers can usually be seen walking around in shorts and t-shirts ona sunny day in winter. They then wonder why they are cold when it pours with rain and they have one fleece top between a family of four!

The weather page is here. and see this page winter holidays in Cyprus.

Kind Regards


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