Looking for a Cyprus weather forecast?

Here's my secret guide to the REAL Cyprus weather forecast - not the one you see in the glossy tourist brochures.

Cyprus is one of the few places in the world where you can SKI and SWIM on the same day WITHOUT jumping in an aeroplane!

Open any tourist guide and you will read that "Cyprus has over 340 days sunshine per year."

Yes, Cyprus DOES enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean climate but even the coastal areas have an average of 57 days rain per year, so do the maths.

We can have brilliant sunshine one minute and monsoon rains the next, except in July and August when it's simply HOT.

Latest weather forecast Cyprus - Paphos area

Your weather just got better.

Weather in Cyprus - What it's REALLY like

WINTER (Dec-Feb)

cyprus snow

Whilst the short Cyprus winter is mild by northern European standards, evenings can still be cold and drop as low as 3-5°C even on the coast. although average night temperatures are around 8-10°C.

What to expect: Rain in winter in monsoon-like proportions especially during thunderstorms ie. DON'T forget to bring a waterproof jacket and a fleece/warm top for the colder evenings.

TIP: Winter is one of the best times for photography especially on bright, cold, clear days when the clarity is amazing.
It is also one of the best times of year for a cheap holiday to Cyprus.

Try this: Take a trip into the mountains and go ski-ing for a day followed by a swim in the sea if you dare - the sea temperature will be about 16 °C. But don't forget to check the latest Cyprus weather forecast first!

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SPRING (March-May)

Pretty Spring flowers in Cyprus

My favourite time of year in Cyprus. After the winter rains, the countryside is ablaze with the colours of spring flowers and nature lovers flock to the island to explore the 250km of nature trails before the summer heat dries everything up.

What to expect: A small amount of rainfall in March and April. GREEN fields especially in agricultural areas which is a complete surprise to many visitors who have a vision of Cyprus as a dry, arid dustbowl.

TIP: May is mating season for snakes which means you see more of them "out and about" looking for a mate.They are not dangerous UNLESS you antagonise them but take care not to stray off obvious pathways when you go exploring.

Try this: Head for the Akamas peninsula on the north west of the island and discover this magical world heritage site on two legs or by mountain bike.

SUMMER (June-Sept)

Blue lagoon Akamas peninsula

With rain-free days guaranteed, Cyprus is a sunbathers' paradise. The temperature begins to boil in early June andstarts to positively sizzle as the summer progresses.

You DON'T need a Cyprus weather forecast at this time - it's ALWAYS dry, hot, and sunny!

What to expect: For many, August is simply too hot when temperatures can approach 40 °C and, in recent years, humidity has risen to make the month seem unbearable. Surprising for many who believe that all Mediterranean hot spots have a DRY heat!

TIP: Your rented villa or apartment will charge €5-€7 per day for EACH air conditioning unit you choose to have on so do budget accordingly or take a tip from the locals and sleep in the open air...

Try this: Learn to snorkel properly (it isn't that easy if you don't know how) as a prelude to taking the full plunge and a diving course or how about a balloon ride - what better way to see the island from the air while sipping a glass of wine...

AUTUMN (Oct-Nov)

The short autumn season brings back the cooler, fresher days of spring but the landscape is parched and dusty unless there has been some early rain in October. Overall rainfall is low at this time.

Check this contrast between spring & autumn to see what I mean:

How the seasons change

TIP: A wonderful season for outdoor activities of any kind and a perfect time for a second holiday. It's certainly our favourite Cyprus weather season.

But book early ifyou want to reserve the perfect villa in October as the best ones go quickly.

Try this: Hire a car and head for the mountains to taste the local village wine. The vine leaves will have turned golden and the grapes, harvested at the end of August, turned into wine so enjoy...

Here's a quick guide to average maximum temperatures and number of days rainfall in Cyprus by month(on the coast):

Cyprus weather forecast - Temp & Rainfall


Global warming and climate change are definately having an effect in Cyprus too as the winter months "seem" to start earlier and nights feel colder. Heating companies are doing a roaring trade on the island.

My final tip on the Cyprus weather forecast:

TIP: If you are planning to BUY a property here, make sure you have some form of heating. This can be either air con units which pump out warm air or arrange to install central heating pipes BEFORE the house is finished.

The Cyprus weather forecast is notoriously fickle in the winter months and can be gloriously sunny one day only to be freezing the next.

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