Travel by scooter to northern Cyprus?

by Daniel
(Ayia Napa, Famagusta, Cyprus)

I'm Daniel and I'm living in Ayia Napa! My question is can I travel to northern Cyprus by scooter, without special taxes ?

Or other easy method to do it! :D
Thank you!

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Jul 20, 2012
Travel to TRNC
by: Helen (website owner)

You can freely cross the border by any method you choose, including a scooter. The only cost you will incur is you have to pay for insurance before you can cross the border,

I'm not sure how much it is for a scooter but it's around €25 for 3 days for a car.

If you are hiring a scooter, be careful as most hire companies won't let you take cars/scooters across the border as their own insurance won't cover it and. even tough you may have insurance from the TRNC side, if you do have an accident or a problem, you will be on your own as regards being towed or picked up to get back to the border - the only insurance you can get is third part even for a car.

Read more about border crossings here.

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