Cyprus Border Crossings

Find out the locations of Cyprus border crossings and what to look out for when driving in North Cyprus.

Here are the 7 border crossings in Cyprus:

They are open 24 hours a day and you can cross as many times as you like.

  • Astromerits/Zodhia (car only) -located in the west near Morphou/Güzelyurt which is OK if coming from the North but it's a long slow journey via Kakopetria and the Troodos if heading for the south coast.

  • Agios Dometios/Kermia/Metehan - the major road and pedestrian crossing in Nicosia.

  • Ledra Palace (pedestrians and diplomatic vehicles only) - the oldest crossing, just outside the walls of old Nicosia on the west of the city.

  • Ledra Street (pedestrians only) - recently opened on 3 April 2008 and now the most central of all crossings.

  • Pergamos/Beyarmudu/Dhekylia located in the British Eastern Sovereign Base area.

  • Strovilia or Akyar near Agios Nikolaos - also in the Base at the eastern part of the island near Famagusta.

  • NEWEST - Limnitis crossing just after Kato Pyrgos

Requirements for Cyprus Border Crossings

In order to cross the border, you will need your passport and car insurance. You have to buy car insurance at the border where there is a separate office from the immigration desks that process the passport paperwork.

Allow 5-10 minutes (depending on the queue) to fill in a white piece of paper with your name and passport number. This paper is then stamped and NOT your passport and the details punched into a computer to record that you have crossed the border. You must also show your insurance document or you won't be allowed to cross.

When you return (which can be through any of the crossings), show your passport and the white piece of paper again so the computer records can be updated.

If you are going shopping in North Cyprus and buy lots of cheap goods, you may get stopped and have to pay money to get your goods across (there is supposed to be a limit of around €85 worth of goods) - it depends on which policemen are at the border!

Driving in North Cyprus

cyprus border crossing Limnitis Border Crossing at Kato Pyrgos

Driving in North Cyprus is much the same as in the South as you drive on the left and there are some good roads like the main two-lane motorway that stretches almost the width of the North from Morphous/Guzelyurt in the west to Famagusta in the east. There is also a fast section of motorway linking Nicosia to Kyrenia.

Visitors, especially those using the Cyprus border crossings just for the day do need to be careful, however, and take note of the following:

  • You need to get hold of a Turkish map as most road-signs are in Turkish and the majority of maps produced in the South use the old Greek name so you won't have a clue which town you are in unless you know the Turkish name! These are readily available at tourist information offices when you cross the border.

  • Beware of the numerous speed cameras, especially on the section from the new Limnitis crossing on the 40km stretch to Morphou or Güzelyurt as it's called in Turkish. If you get caught by a camera, the fine is €100 and even if you cross back before they catch up with you, your car is marked and next time you try to cross the border, if you don't pay up they will confiscate your passport!

So have fun using the Cyprus border crossings and remember that you need to take out car insurance, without which you can't get across the border. Car insurance is only third party and can be taken out for 1 day, 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.

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