Travel between South and North Cyprus

by John Hinchliffe
(Kent, U.K.)

Is there any public transport between Paphos and Kyrenia? Alternatively, is it possible to drive a hire car between these areas?

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May 10, 2008
Travelling from Southern Cyprus to Northern Cyprus
by: Helen

Hi John

There is no public transport ie public bus connecting Paphos directly with Kyrenia, otherwise known as Girne, in Northern Cyprus.
You would have to take a bus from Paphos to Nicosia, cross the border on foot then take a taxi on the Northern side to Kyrenia. I'm not sure if there is a public bus service on the Northern side but you would be able to find out at the border.

Taking a hire car across is possible but most hire car companies do not allow you to do this as their insurance is not valid in the Turkish area of Cyprus. If you live here, you take your car over, buy insurance at the border for a fee of about 25 euros, then hope you don't have an accident! I'm pretty sure that it would be a major headache trying to get any money from an insurance company based in Northern Cyprus.

That's based on us buying insurance for one year at the border and never receiving a policy - post and communication seems to be non-existant between north and south!

If you are planning to cross the border, there are several crossings, mainly in the Nicosia area.
Read this page on Nicosia to see the various crossing points. There are also several pages on the site relating to North Cyprus.


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