Gluten Free Products in Cyprus

What gluten free products in Cyprus are available and where can you buy them. Advice for tourists and residents of Cyprus who are coeliac.

glutenfreefood Gluten Free Food

If you have an allergy to wheat, you may well be wondering whether you can buy gluten free produce on the island. I've had lots of questions about this topic on my travel advice page, so I thought I should put up a page on what you can get over here.

First of all, while you CAN buy gluten free items in the major supermarkets, the ranges are quite limited and, more importantly, they are often out of stock!

I always therefore advise holidaymakers to bring a small supply of gluten free items with them on the plane, things like pasta, bread, snacks etc.

The last thing you want to be doing on your first day on the island is trawling round all the supermarkets trying to find wheat allergy products.

Tip: The large supermarkets have Organic or Health Food sections - this is where you will find wheat and gluten free items.

Where to Buy Wheat Allergy Products

glutenfreemuesli Tasty gluten free muesli from
Areteos Bakery

Papantoniou, one of the big supermarket chains, stocks a good range of organic and gluten free products in Cyprus. You can buy packets of pasta (my favourite is one made from rhubarb and I'm not even allergic to wheat!), lots of different flours like rice flour or besan (chickpea) flour to make your own bread or pizza bases and plenty of snacks.

The flours tend to sell out very quickly as do healthy items like quinoa which is a great substitute for potatoes and rice and it is also ultra healthy :)

A newer supermarket chain called Alpha Mega (main cities only so Paphos is the nearest to Polis Chrysochous) also stocks a good range of health foods.

NEW - update May 2020. If you love bread, then you can now buy a great range of bakery items including gluten free options from Areteos Bakery in Limmasol. They have proved a real hit during the Covid-19 lockdown as they offer home delivery. So even after lockdown has finished, you can buy your favourite gluten free products from Areteos online.

Tip: If you live on the island, grab healthy products like quinoa or wheat-free items while you can and stock up as you never know when the next delivery will be!

What to Eat if Allergic to Gluten - Free Products in Cyprus

While many people panic if they can't find the products they normally buy at home, whether you are on holiday or a resident, another option is of course to eat a different diet.

I'm not coeliac but I eat very little bread and the bread I do eat is homemade. There are plenty of healthy options in the Mediterranean diet from grilled meat and fish to luscious salads, a multitude of fresh fruit and of course, yummy scrummy yoghurt which goes with almost everything!

So if you are visiting Cyprus on holiday, instead of panicking about how you are going to get gluten free bread, eat something different and maybe buy some rye crackers to munch with some halloumi cheese and a fresh salad.

Now you know more about gluten free products in Cyprus, have a great stress-free and healthy holiday.

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