Famagusta border Cyprus

What time does the Famagusta border in Cyprus close (we need to purchase car insurance) and roughly how much does it cost please?

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Jun 26, 2012
Border times in Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

I'm not 100% sure what time the borders close in Cyprus as I've only crossed during daylight hours.

I assume they are manned all night for security reasons but the insurance guys (who all come from the TRNC) will only work during the day, so I would suggest you only try to cross between say 8am and 6pm, the most likely time the insurance office at the border will be open too.

See my page on Cyprus border crossings for the procedure etc.

Please be aware too that if you are planning to take a hire car across the border, then most companies do not allow it. It's your risk if you have an accident or a crash or if the car breaks down as your hire car company won't come across the border to pick you up and you will have to pay someone in the north to tow you to the border.

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