best hotels in Paphos near bars etc

by Siobhan

last year!

last year!

Thanks to Helen at Cyprus Travel Secrets I have discovered that Paphos would be a good place for me to go in May. Looking at lots of hotels - some say 20 mins away from Paphos some say more - where is the best place to stay a safe walking distance from bars etc to get home at night but still with lots of variety. I'm 34 so not looking for all night clubs - but maybe bars with bands, live music - bit of cheesy kareoke etc and some choice...just need to find hotels that aren't a long walk home but have nice pools/beach by day and near everything for the evening!..the perfect location!!

thanks again in advance..


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Jul 21, 2010
Restaurants near to Roman Hotel
by: Just

Could you please recommend and name any restaurants near to the Roman Hotel - and possibly give a rough price guide for lunch and dinner menus and drink prices as well!
We are trying to budget how much spending money we may need for one weeks holiday for 2 people

Thank you

Apr 14, 2010
Hotels in Paphos
by: Helen

Hope you find a good hotel Siobhan.

We don't go out in Paphos much as it's a 45 minute drive back home afterwards! But if you have a great time buy me a coffee when you get back via my "donate" button here.

Apr 14, 2010
thanks for your help!
by: Anonymous


Thanks again - excellent advice! Everything I need to know! Will check all those things out..

If you are in the area you must let me buy you a drink to say thanks!

Kind regards

Siobhan :o)

Apr 14, 2010
Hotels in central Paphos close to restaurants and bars
by: Helen

To be close to bars and restaurants you basically need to be located in KATO Paphos (which means "lower" Paphos).

Depending on how much you want to pay here are some choices - all within 5-10 mins walk of the key bars/restaurants:

Alexander the Great (4 star).
Alymyra and Anabelle sister hotel next door(5 star - posh but lovely spa!).
Roman Hotel - 3 star quirky and close to Tombs of Kings Road, bars and restaurants like popular Fat Mamas.
Nereus - smaller family run and great value.

All the above can be found on my Paphos hotels page, You can also do a quick search via this link to check prices across all the hotels at a glance.

Other hotels/apts in central Paphos to consider if the above don't suit are the Basilica apts and the great value Dionysos hotel. You can find these via the quick search link above.

A tip - download the Paphos map here and you can see the street names so you will know exactly where the hotels are located.

Have fun!


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