Airline Cheap Flights to Cyprus

Find the best deals on airline cheap flights to Cyprus. Which low cost carriers fly to Cyprus and what's the average cost of a flight in low and high season.

cyprus winteer flights Enjoy Cyprus in winter

If you've been checking flight prices to Cyprus, you may think they seem expensive.

If you are flying to Cyprus from the UK, for example, it is rare that you get a return flight for much less than GBP £120 even in the low season months.

But before you say flights to Cyprus are just too expensive, think about this:

  • Cyprus is over 4 hours flying time from the UK so at least TWICE as far as Spain.

  • If it's twice as far as Spain then you would expect to pay twice the price, right?

  • The climate in Cyprus is far milder in the winter months than in most other summer sun destinations like Spain - surely that's worth paying a little extra for don't you think?

  • You CAN get cheap flights to Cyprus under £100 at certain times of the year, now that low cost carriers like Easyjet and most recently Ryanair are flying to the island.

Finding Cheap Flights to Cyprus

Most people these days choose to book cheap plane flights online. It's fast and easy and you can save lots of money right?

Well, not if you end up spending hours or even days searching the internet trying to find dirt-cheap flights, yet simply end up getting frustrated.

You sometimes just can't find that elusive great flight deal or, more commonly, when you've finished doing your cheap flight price comparison, you go back to the first site to book and find the cheapest flights have all been sold!

Tip: Don't just choose low cost airline websites to compare prices. Use flight comparison websites like Skyscanner to find a cheap Cyprus flight deal fast.

In low season (November through to end February), you can expect to get a Cyprus flight for around £120 from the UK, though early bookers can beat the £100 mark if they get the first flights released.

In high season (May through to end September), airline cheap flights to Cyprus are rarely under £250, though again you may get lucky if you book early or even last minute when airlines are trying to fill the last few seats.

For more information, see my suggested websites to get cheap travel flights to the island.

Really Cheap Cyprus Flights

Whilst most of the time, you will pay at least £150 for flights to Paphos or Larnaca from the UK, you CAN get VERY cheap flights if you are really lucky and can travel at the last minute.

For example, flights over Christmas/New year are usually fairly expensive both to and from Cyprus but some friends managed to get a flight back to the UK for only £6 plus taxes last year.

This was a last minute deal from Thomson so it's always worth checking direct with the airlines, especially the package tour specialists like Thomson Beach Holidays, who often sell off cheap plane seats when their package tour bookings are down.

You should also check out cheap one way flights as booking your flights separately can also save you lots of money.

I hope you find some great airline cheap flights to Cyprus.

Kalo Taxithi!

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