Yoga in Cyprus

I just LOVE to practice yoga in Cyprus.

yoga in cyprus Camel pose - Ustrasana

Cyprus is the perfect place to indulge in yoga, whether at home on the roof terrace with your own yoga mat (yes that's me in the picture opposite) or at one of the many classes available on the island.

I just love the energy created by your body moving in rhythmic flow to the sound of your breathing as you perform your vinyasas and it's even more energising with the warm sun on your back!

I discovered yoga 6 years ago, having been introduced to a wonderful teacher called Nausika by a close friend. I became hooked almost instantly and can now proudly call myself an addict - a yoga addict that is :)

What's New?: My new yoga website Not Just! I'm now a certified Frog Lotus International vinyasa flow yoga teacher and I'm passionate about showing you how yoga is not just about a physical practice, but a whole way of life.

Aside from the numerous yoga books I've purchased, the best one being B.K Iyengar's Light on Yoga, I also love the haunting uplifting Indian chanting music that is perfect for both yoga practice and meditation.

I recently spent hours finding and then downloading music by Deva Premal - if you're looking for stunningly beautiful yoga music, you can buy her entire collection on Amazon - my favourite Deva Premal album is Dakshina.

Cyprus Yoga

The mild all year round climate means that asanas can be practiced outdoors at almost any time of day, except perhaps in the summer months when the extreme heat favours early morning or late evening yoga in Cyprus practice.

Classes and excellent experienced teachers can be found all over the island (see below) together with a variety of different types of yoga from hatha to iyengar and ashtanga vinyasa flow yoga. There are also opportunities to book week long yoga retreats in some stunning locations on the island.

NEWS: I'm excited to announce that I have just gained my RYS 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate while on an intensive teacher training retreat in Spain. The experience has changed my life and I would love to share what I have learned, both spiritual and practical in terms of teaching yoga in a playful, vinyasa flow style suitable for all levels.

My current teacher Vanessa is still my inspiration as I continue to learn, even though I'm now a yoga teacher myself. I relish getting my yoga mat out to deepen my practice and try out new things either learned in class or those tricky poses that challenged me when on my yoga teacher training retreat.

Tip: Invest in a good quality NON-SLIP yoga mat, perfect for hard floors or tiles like we have in Cyprus. It makes a HUGE difference to your practice. I bought my 6mm thick eco-friendly mat from Yoga Mad and I love doing my yoga in Cyprus on it!

Pranayama and Yoga

For me personally, yoga calms the busy mind and keeps muscles flexible while offering a serene, holistic form of exercise, especially when combined with meditation. Once correct breathing or pranayama, as it is known, is mastered, the yoga student can start to experience the feeling of asanas at both a physical and mental level. It took me a few months to master the breathing, but once you do, you will feel like you're pulsating with energy as you practice and you can move deeper and deeper into a pose with each deep breath.

yoga workshops in cyprus Backbending workshop
Photo taken by fab photographer Andrea Christofi

Yoga in Cyprus is also a great form of stretching and for me as a mountain biker, it's especially good for active sports like cycling where certain muscles like hamstrings are not well used. It's also a great way to make new friends if you have just moved to the island!

Don't worry if you are a beginner as there are classes for all levels from novice right up to advanced and some teachers offer special yoga workshops to help advance your yoga technique even further.

Whether you are an outdoor activity junkie or just someone who wants to keep their body fit and healthy and ward off the inevitable stiffness of ageing joints, give Cyprus yoga a go. You might also discover a whole new meaning to life if you decide to study yogic lifestyle in more depth.

Yoga Teachers in Cyprus

If you're looking for a yoga teacher in Cyprus, here are some recommendations. If you are a yoga teacher and want to be listed here, contact me for further details.

Vanessa Yoga - Based in Paphos, Vanessa offers vinyasa flow style yoga classes for all levels in Paphos, including challenging ashtanga yoga postures for advanced yogis. If you want to be inspired by an amazing teacher, you can contact her on Tel: +357 99289134 or read more about Vanessa on her website

Helen's Not Just Yoga Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Based near Polis, I recently gained my RYS 200 certificate to teach yoga and I am super excited to share the joy of yoga, both spiritual AND practical. If you would like to discover how yoga can put complete balance back into your life and give you amazing strength, both physical and mental, contact me on Tel: +357 99350898 or e-mail me via my business website at Not Just Yoga

FREE community yoga at the new Zening resort in Latchi, Cyprus. It's pitched at a very gentle beginner level and is usually held around 17.30 in the evening, although schedules do change, so you need to check their Facebook page.

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