Xmas in Cyprus - what should we know?

by Anna

Xmas in Cyprus, what's it like. For example, will it be really crowded, or will everything be shut up for the low season? Will there be local festivals and celebrations? Is there a big difference between the North and the South? And the real biggie: will the supermarkets shut over the 24/25/26th of Dec? or for longer? (we're self-catering). Thanks!

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Oct 16, 2015
re Xmas in Northern Cyprus
by: Mrs W

Hello; what a great informative site. Thank you. We went to North Cyprus last Christmas and it was business as usual over Xmas and New Year with everything open. We were shopping in a big supermarket at almost 10pm on Xmas Day! Tourist attractions, castles, monasteries were all open, car hire was available. On Boxing Day we went to Lefkosa/Nicosia; the northern side was business as usual, on the other side of the border there were lots of restaurants and tourist shops open but big shops (Debenhams being one; yes, they have a Debenhams and it has a great view) were shut. It was quiet, tourist-wise, in the north of the island in Dec; very pleasant indeed. No one on the beaches. It was tee shirt weather during the day, too. And everyone was so, so friendly!

Nov 28, 2013
What is Christmas like in Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

Christmas in Cyprus used to be totally unlike Christmas elsewhere as Cypriots never used to put up Xmas trees or decorations. They celebrated New Year more and Easter is their main festival time.

But in the last 5-6 years, Cyprus too sells Xmas trees in October and you will find decorations everywhere. It IS our low season, however, so you won't find crowds of people. All the restaurants are open over Xmas and New year then many shut down for January/February mainly as it's so quiet. But you will always find one or two tavernas open wherever you are on the island.

Of course the big supermarkets close over the Christmas period - the staff need a holiday too! Definitely shut 25th/26th. Not sure about 27th to be honest. You will find a few kiosks and peripteros open when other shops are closed, but my advice is to get everything you need especially essentials like milk etc on the 23rd as some things will be out of stock by the 24th.

Enjoy Christmas in Cyprus

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