Winston the cat hates vacuums!

by Jace

Cat playing with the hoover

Cat playing with the hoover

A short video starring Winston the cat...and his love/hate relationship with vacuums!

Watch it here

Everyone loves a good cat video and this one made me really smile. It reminds me of how my cats behave when they see the hoover coming out of the cupboard - they run for cover!

They don't even need to wait for me to switch the vacuum on as they simply know what the machine looks like and run for cover before it kicks into action.

Funny how animals and hoovers have a love-hate relationship. Our new dog - another recue animal who was just too cute to give to the recuse centre - also hates the hoover, in our case a small red one called Henry - that's the brand by the way.

He sees me getting Henry out and figures it's time to go an play in the garden and if he can't get out, he starts to howl!

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