Why Vist Cyprus - for the fifteenth time?

by Simon

Friendly Cyprus village - Neo Chorio

Friendly Cyprus village - Neo Chorio

For the past ten years we have come to Cyprus for an out of season holiday in the autumn and / or spring, staying in villages - Tochni, Anogyra, Kathikas, Kalavasos and Neo Chorio.

Why do we keep coming back?

Because of :

* Eve, the apartment cleaner at Tochni, who invited us to her toddler's birthday party.

* The taxi driver, who stopped off at his home on the way to the airport to give us coffee and cakes.

* The neighbour in Kalavasos who, when there was a power cut in the evening while we were out, lit a candle on our doorstep so we could find our way to the front door.

* The workman who gave us our first guavas while we picnicking by a reservoir.

* The taverna owner in a Trodos village who, although shut for the winter, shared his family Sunday lunch with us.

* Philipos in Kathikas, who invited us into the hovel he shared with his pig and gave us home-made "whiskey".

* The farmer in Kato Pyrgos who, when we asked to buy some oranges, dumped a load on the back seat of our car and wouldn't accept payment. When we tried to force the money on him he refused again and dumped another load of oranges in the car!

* The owner of "our" apartment in Neo Chorio who always takes us up to the taverna for a meal that must eat into whatever profit she makes from our custom.

* The Cypriot men we were chatting with at a pavement cafe in Lefkosia. After they had left the waiter came with coffee they had bought for us.

* The traffic policeman, who was laughing so much at the sight of my Daewoo Matiz doing 150kph (downhill with the wind behind it) on the motorway, that he let me off with a warning.

By avoiding the obvious tourist traps, and by being humble and interested in the communities where we stay, eat and shop, we enjoy their courtesy, hospitality and friendship.

All of this and the scenery and weather!

Oh yes, we will be back!

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Real Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

Thanks for your charming story of why you love Cyprus so much. I couldn't agree more - it's why I live here too:)

Especially when it's -5 in the UK and we are basking in 25 degree sunshine in December!

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