Where to meet new people and make new friends in the Nicosia area?

We have recently re-located to Cyprus and are currently living and working just south of Nicosia.

We are settling in well and have one or two new Cypriot work-friends but are finding it hard to meet other like minded 'non-cypriots'.
Unlike Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol, there doesn't seem to be a non-cypriot group/community in the area around Nicosia that meets up regularly to socialise and share common interests like walking, cycling etc.
Can anyone help with advice or suggestions? We are happy to travel.

We look forward to hearing from you

Thank you

Gill and David

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Sep 19, 2013
Make friends in Nicosia with SALSA CON COCO dancing

I have recently moved to nicosia
I will be organizing some cultural activities based on latin culture
I will be launching latin cultural nights at the followings venue:
LIMASOL Tuesday 1st october @ 7 seas LIMASOL
NICOSIA: Wednesday 2nd of october at the cultural center in AGIOS OMOGOLITON. nicosia
Larnaca venue to be confirmed.

Salsa classes and Afro latin dance will be touched as well as from 7pm -9pm party until 1pm
Exotic latin cocktails will be served.

No dance skill is need it just come alone and take part of our friendly latin party and meet new friends.

You can came to our office for more info at
18B Prodromos street shop 3 Nicosia 1095 opposite prodromos church.

Mobile 99254558

luis lema

Jul 26, 2012
andreas joannadis eleftherious
by: theodosia

Anyone know this name? looking for my dad who lived in nicosia. I believe he had a brother named george who worked for the coca cola factory in nicosia.
My dad must have come to london sometime in the 50s were he met my mum margret cronin they lived in cricklewood london nw2.
kind regards,

Nov 02, 2010
trying to find a lost friend in Nicosia!
by: Rookhsana

I am trying to find out about a very good friend of mine in Nicosia! the last time I chatted with her she was a bit ill and I am very concerned about her as I have not heard from her ever since! just want to know if she is well and if there is anyone that can find this information for me then please let me know via this site.

May 02, 2010
Trying to find a long lost friend in Nicosia
by: Steve

I am looking to find a long lost college friend in Nicosia. She may be married now, but can provide the name she had when I knew her the street address of her parents house, and even the phone number. Can anyone help?

Apr 20, 2010
Bored in Cyprus - things to do in Cyprus
by: morcos

I used to come to Cyprus twice a month. I like but I want to meet friends because it is kind of bored.

Feb 21, 2010
meeting new friends
by: Mariem Ikram

Hello to everyone,
I'm a muslim Latvian girl and searching for friends in Nicosia. In summer I'm going to go there for studying.I'm not searching anyone for serious relations/dating, as I have a groom. Possible if there is any student from Latvia, I would like to meet you.
Anyway, if you are interested - write me on e-mail: mawkin2@inbox.lv

Aug 04, 2009
Looking for friends in Cyprus
by: Anonymous

I would just like to meet friends...... I'm not working here.... am having a bit of a time out with my fiancee and now I feel I am really alone!!! so if there is anyone out there who wants a coffee/tea or night out..... send me an email!!! seenismith@hotmail.com

Jun 12, 2009
Make friends in Nicosia
by: Helen

I'm not familiar with any groups in Nicosia but as you seem to be keen cyclists/walkers why not:

1 Contact the Cyprus cycling federation (info@mtbcyprus.com). They do plenty of cycling events in Nicosia and are also organising a fun mountain sports event on 4th/5th July in Troodos (Platres)

2 Post on one of the Cyprus expat forums (just Google them) to find people in your area.


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