Where to find out about Cyprus shrubs and plants

by david jones
(latsi Cyprus)

On my last visit I noticed a very fragrant plant which apparently gives off its scent in the evening. The locals call it 'Pakistanos' but I can find no trace of this in any web search. Does anywone know anything about this plant ,especially its formal name or latin name so I can research it further?

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Oct 03, 2011
Cestrum Nocturnum pictures
by: Helen (website owner)

Thanks to the previous poster who identified the plant known as "pakistanos" in Cyprus as Cestrum Nocturnum.

A friend asked me the very same question last night, having smelt it near Lysos village!

It is night-time jasmine where the flowers only open after dark and has one of the most powerful aromas knwon in the plant world.

Here's a link to a website with lots more information and pictures.

The flowers look very much like a honeysuckle plant I have that opens during the day and flowers in springtime whereas jasmine is a summer/autumn flowering plant here in Cyprus.

Oct 03, 2011
Cestrum nockturnum (pakistanos)
by: Anonymous

Cestrum nocturnum.
Cestrum known locally as ?Pakistanos?

Aug 09, 2010
Fragrant plants in Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

David, the word literally means "Pakistani" but I've never heard it in the context of a plant.

You're going to need to give us a little more help to identify it eg. what color, how tall, where did you see it, were there any flowers on it, can you describe the smell (pleasant, close to something else etc) plus a picture would be very useful!

The only strong aroma plants I can think of quickly are jasmine (tiny white flowers on a bush) and honeysuckle.


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