Where to buy Goat's Milk

by Dean

I've just moved to Cyprus with my family and we have been Goat's Milk drinkers for the past 3 years, and don't want to change. I live on the border near Famagusta and have not yet seen a supermarket selling Goats Milk (or that I've noticed). Does anyone know where there is a steady (or not) supply of Goats Milk? I'm happy to go straight to source if it's close enough. Thanks.

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Aug 03, 2015

by: Helen

The supermarkets don't sell goat's milk, but we have plenty of goat farms on the island and also many villages that make their own cheese (halloumi, anari etc) from goat's milk.

So I would suggest a) either approaching one of the goat farms direct or b) visiting one of the cheese makers in a local village to see if they can sell you the milk direct.

I live on the opposite side of the island so could recommend several cheese makers on this side, but I'm sorry I don't know where they are located near Famagusta.

So ask around or get in the car and go exploring - follow the goat trail!

Good luck

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