weather in Cyprus in July

by Jo

We have booked to visit Argaka for 2 weeks at the end of July/ beginning of August. I have been really excited but now reading reviews, I am worried that it is going to be too hot for my children, aged 9 and 11. We visited Portugal a couple of years ago in their heat wave when the temperatures were touching 40 degrees and have also visited Lanzarote in high temperatures. Is Argaka likely to be hotter than this?? I'm worried we have made the wrong decision and will be stuck in the villa because of the heat!

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Mar 27, 2018
by: Jo

Thanks Helen. When does the heat start building in the morning? Our plan was to get out early (9am?) for local excursions and then chill at the villa in the afternoon. We also plan to do lots of watersports so should stay nice and cool then!!
Our villa is right on the beach - do you tend to get any breeze off the sea at all?

Mar 27, 2018
Summer temperatures in Cyprus
by: Helen

July and August are our hottest months with average temperatures around 35 degrees in the day and still late 20s at night. We are close to the Middle East so it's not surprising we have hot summers:)

Your villa will have AC so will be cool, but yes if there is a mini heatwave temperatures can reach 40 degrees. If you are not used to this, you mayu find it too hot.

Most tourists spend their time in the water or lounging around a pool at their villa. If you want to be active to do things like cycling (which we love in summer but we are used to the heat and start early!!) you will have to rise early, take a siesta during the day and then wake up at night to eat late, BBQ etc. That's what the locals do.

My tip - enjoy the summer heat. Rise early to take a cooling walk along the shore - Argaka is right next to the sea though most villas are on the hillside and chill out at one of the many beachside tavernas for lunch etc. Plenty of watersports activities and boat trips to do, blue lagoon swimming etc.

OR take your hire car and head into the Troddos mountains where it will be 5 degrees cooler.

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