Travel from Southern Cyprus to Ercan airport in the North

by Helen

I need to get from Coral bay area to Ercan airport on 9th October as cheaply as possible can anyone advise me please?

Would be grateful for any travel companies/taxi recommendations!

Helen Buckley

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Sep 11, 2014
Paphos to Nicosia
by: Ulla


I will travel from Paphos by Intercity Bus from Paphos to Nicosia in November 2014. Then walk over the border to Turkish part of Nicosia. From there it must be buses to Ercan Airport!? Or is taxi not too expensive? I travel to Dubai and it is very competitive to travel from Northern Cyprus with Pegasus.


Sep 25, 2009
Travel from South Cyprus to North
by: Helen

Thankyou for your advice. This is what I will probably do. Do you know the names of bus companies at all? Or I guess I could try to ask an english speaking person to help me. I don't speak Greek only Turkish!


Sep 19, 2009
Getting to Ercan airport from Southern Cyprus
by: Helen

You will find that most taxi companies will not drive into the North as the TRNC is not recognized by Southern Cyprus or anyone else in the world except Turkey.

There are travel companies that offer day trips to Kyrenia so you could book a trip then ask them to drop you off at the border and take a taxi from the Turkish side to the airport, but this may cost more as you will lose the return part of the trip.

I would suggest taking a bus from Paphos to Nicosia then cross the border on foot and take a taxi from there to the airport - that will probably be cheapest.


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