Three kitties from the Cyprus rubbish!

by Sunlight

On a summer evening I went to the parking place to give food for my street cats. As I listened, I heard little cats cry. I wondered, I knew my cats they had no so little kitty in this time.

I followed the voice and I found out it came from the big rubbish. I tried to find the kitties but I could not. They already put heavy things above them. I came home with tears in my eyes. Of course my husband asked me what happened. How I told he went down, went in the rubbish to be able to move the heavy things and took out 2 beautiful 3 week old cats.

And you believe or not the next evening happened the same things, we found more one cat there. Somebody put in the rubbish 3 beautiful, healthy 3 weeks old cats. I cried with them, I knew they still needed a mother. And I just hoped they could eat earlier then the other kitties.

Every day 6 - 7 times I gave them tin cat food from my hand because they could not eat from plate, and they got their milk from a bottle of eye drops. Unfortunately the gray one died, but the black one stayed alive. For one I found a family who took care of him, and the other one I kept. She is 3 years old now!

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Sep 21, 2010
Thank you
by: Sunlight

Hi Helen!

I thank to you to publish the stories. (Skipper's story also mine.) I will bring you more cat stories, I have a lot more.

Sep 20, 2010
Rescue a cat in Cyprus
by: Helen

Hi Sunlight

What a beautiful story. Like you I cried too. Thanks so much for sharing and giving these lovely Cyprus cats a home, both you and your friends.

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