The flora and ferns of Cyprus

by Maurice Wilkins

Caledonia Falls

Caledonia Falls

We returned yesterday to a cold, wet and windy west of Scotland from a week in sunny Cyprus, our first visit, where we stayed with relatives in Yermasoyia, just outside Limassol. While horrified at the scale of tourist development everywhere we found some lovely places, visiting Kaledonia Falls and the Troodos area as well as Cedar Valley and surroundings.

We spent a day driving slowly up to Lara on the west side of Akamas and enjoyed it immensely. We also visited Kurion and the beach below and revelled in the warmth and quietness of December in Cyprus.

My first interest is in the flora and I was pleased to find five distinct ferns growing along the path to Kaledonia Falls but the man on duty in the Forest Office in Troodos was unable to help me at all. Are you aware of any publication on the ferns of Cyprus, or anyone that would be able to help me with identification?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

Maurice Wilkins.

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Feb 05, 2015
British Pteridological Society
by: Andrew Leonard

If you are interested in ferns you should look at our website:
We can help you to identify any fern or try to provide you with information on the ferns of any country

Jan 07, 2009
Ferns around Kaledonia Falls
by: Maurice Wilkins

Thank you Helen - I almost missed your reply, spotting it by chance on a Google search for something else!

I've identified four of the ferns, correctly, I hope. Firstly bracken, Pteridium aquilinum, growing everywhere and now brown, then Adiantum capillis-veneris growing on the wall of Kaledonia Falls itself, Asplenium cetarach in cracks in the rocks down below the falls and Asplenium adiantum-nigrum - I think, on the ground lower down. The other I think is a Dryopteris and I'll submit a picture in case anyone can identify it for me.

Many thanks,


Dec 20, 2008
Flora and ferns in Troodos Cyprus
by: Helen

The best book I have found on flora in Cyprus is one by local expert George Sfikas.

His book called Wild Flowers of Cyprus lists various species of flora including ferns and also lists all species of flora by region eg Troodos.

I confess I am not an expert on latin flora names but if you know them you will get more out of the book as it is not possible to show a photograph of every species found on the island.

If that does not help, why not post any pictures you took of the ferns here on the site (in the same "Ask" section) where someone else may be able to help - I can certainly check in my book!

You can find more details about the Wild Flowers book in our bookstore.


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