The Cyprus cats with no names!

by Maurice

Stray cats picture -  waiting for breakfast in Cyprus

Stray cats picture - waiting for breakfast in Cyprus

This was the breakfast line-up at my relative's house in Yermasoyia. They come every day as she feeds stray cats in the area and they know where to get a good meal.

Sadly there are many many stray cats in Cyprus and many locals see them as vermin so they don't get much chance of a life.

Once I opened the window these stray cats were off as they didn't know me!


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Feb 12, 2012
Kaledonia Falls
by: Maurice Wilkins - Scotland

Helen - odd to think that you wrote this comment three years ago and I've only just seen it! I looked back over my pictures and will try to attach another one!

All good wishes! Maurice.

Jan 08, 2009
Wonderful Cyprus cats
by: Helen

Lovely cats photo! I know many people like your relative who regularly help stray animals and feed them.

Thankfully, most towns here in Cyprus now have several rescue centres and neutering programmes to help keep the cat population under control.

I read somewhere that just one pair of breeding cats can produce 250,000 more cats in just a few years assuming that each subsequent pair has on average a litter of 4 kittens and each female reproduces 4 times per year.

It's a frightening number and just shows how many cats actually never make it past a few months unnless they have a loving home or someone to feed them on the street.

Thanks Maurice

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