Terra Santa Convent in Limassol

by maureen otway
(vancovuer canada)

I went to this school in 1947 to 1953 when my father was in the Colonial Police.

I am sailing in for a day in October and would like to see the school again. Does it still exist?
do you have an address please?

I would be most grateful for any infomation you can give.
Am now living in Vancouver Canada and have never been back but would like to see it as I am 70 now

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Oct 07, 2017
Many memories
by: anna

I went to the Terra Santa school in Limassol in 1951-1953. I then went to st Joseph ,s school in Larnaca. I sat for my French exams in Nicosia. St Denise visited mum in Larnaca to congratulate her on the the best results for the year 1955? It was lovely of as my dad had gone to be with the Lord in 1953. My husband and I visited st Joseph,s in Larnaca in 2012. We were made very welcome. I met one of my friend from Limassol Cecile in Southampton in 1988. And I visited another friend Maro from Larnaca in LA in 2012

Aug 30, 2015
Memory Lane... hi Sue!
by: Deyan

Why I remembered my first school today, I have no clue... decided to search it up and are glad that I have found this page!
I started my schooling in Terra Santa College in Nicosia and continued in Limassol. It was from 1964 - 1967 but memories seem so vivid still. So Sue, we might have shared classrooms. It was an international mix of children from England, Finland, Australia, Saudi Arabia... myself from Yugoslavia. Multicultural and tolerant, we did not use those words then, just had a happy time together. I would be really glad to get in touch with anyone of them again.

Sep 23, 2014
Just in case you haven't found it
by: Lisa

I know I am a bit late to answer your question but just in case you want to visit again.

I was also a student of Terra Santa school in Limassol. It's on Aghiou Andreou Street near Zina Kanther crossing. It stopped operating as a school when the new school of St. Mary's was built. It now houses some of the offices of the bishopry of Limassol.

Our roads may have crossed. If you want to contact me send me an e-mail at recipesandadvice@gmail.com

Apr 01, 2013
terra santa
by: Sue

I am in Cyprus at the moment and wanting look up my first ever school, which was terra Santa convent in limassol where i went in 1963 to 65. Was hoping to go and find it. Any ideas?

Mar 01, 2013
Terra Santa School Limassol Cyprus
by: ellie giles nee papafrangou

I have just found this webside and I hope I am not too late, but if Maureen Otway should read this and is still interested in the Terra Sant school in Limassol, would she please add a comment telling me how I may contact her as I was at the school the same time. Good luck and look forward to hearing from her.

May 03, 2012
Terra Santa School
by: Alan Joyce

My wife attended the Terra Santa school in Limassol during the fifties/sixties.

It was close to the Limassol zoo.

Apr 29, 2012
Limassol convent
by: Helen

I've never heard of the Terra Santa convent in Limassol but a simple Google search shows the Terra Sancta website with various convents listed in Larnaca (called the Sancta Maria - could it have been Larnaca rather than Limassol?) and in Limassol - the Limassol convent is called St Catherine's.

The details and addresses are shown on their website here

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