Suppliers of shrubs from Cyprus

by Loraine Webster
(London England)

I have just returned from a holiday in Paphos. While I was there I fell in love with a shrub that was abundant in the grounds of the hotel. Its name was Solano and it was grown as a hedge and also as a small tree. I have tried many times to find a supplier since returning to England but have not been successful. May I ask you if you might know where I might buy this plant and if you think it would grow well in an English climate?

Kind regards

Loraine Webster

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Jul 01, 2017
Buy Solano plants from Cyprus
by: Helen

The answer is to buy it in Cyprus! I don't know where you would find one in the UK as I only discovered it myself when I loved here 13 years ago.

I also have no idea if it would thrive in a UK climate - partly depends I guess on where you live. Solano bushes are very hardy and need no water to survive as even in high summer, they just "shut down" like many Cyprus plants. Yes they look a little sad when not watered well but even if they are watered in intense heat they go pale and the bright purple colour fades.

I would think you could take a few cuttings back with you in a suitcase and try to propagate, although I didn't have much success when I tried myself in the early years out here.

Good luck!

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