Summer and Spring accommodation rates in Cyprus

by Terri
(Aotearoa NZ)

I'm planning on exploring Cyprus next May/June. Have been obsessively looking at accommodation eg. Air BnB (some of the admin and cleaning charges are massive), all the usual sites eg. booking, homestays, Agrotourism etc.

Is May/June the shoulder period ie spring?

It's hard to compare like with like esp when each site uses its preferred currency (euro, GBP, USA). I understand why this may happen but makes it tricky for potential customers. Also it seems, and I may be missing something here, that you need to put your dates in to get a price. Rather than have a general note with dates and prices for peak, shoulder, low. Overall very time consuming.

I'm wondering if there's something I haven't found yet to make this process easier.
I'll be there for two weeks and probably looking at staying a few nights in each region and exploring. Mountain village, seaside, city etc. Ideally I'd prefer to stay in traditional properties, though I may have to change this idea as the apartments seem to be cheaper.

Any tip, tricks and info will be super helpful thanks Helen

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Nov 25, 2019
Accommodation prices in Cyprus
by: Helen

Hi Terri

My site gives recommendations for many different accommodation options from Agrotourism traditional properties to apartments, villas and hotels.

If you are planning to move around a lot, you will find prices higher especially in spring/summer as it costs money for owners to fund cleaning costs and many have a minimum number of nights stay as a result.

Yes you do need to put in dates to get an accurate cost.

Take a look at my agrotourism pages with relevant suggestions for traditional properties and start with the main accommodation pages on my site - link to that page < a href="">here

I suggest deciding how may places you plan to visit, start and end dates, then check prices for 2-3 nights at a time to budget. YOu won't find many places other than hotels offering 1 night stays due to cleaning/changeover costs as mentioned earlier.

Good luck with your planning.

Last tip - visit the smaller/more quiet areas of the island eg. Polis area and mountains to avoid the touristy crowds - it's also a lot cheaper in the hills!

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