Stray cats and dogs in Cyprus

by Mike

Our family are thinking of holidaying in Ayia Napa but my wife has a phobia about cats. Are there a lot of strays about? We went to Rhodes last year and didn't find the strays to be any problem, is it worse on Cyprus? Cheers for any help given.

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Sep 09, 2011
Poor Cyprus cats
by: Anonymous

I will not go back to Cyprus because of the poor cats shame on you all

Mar 08, 2009
Cyprus stray cats and dogs
by: Helen

Hi Mike

We do have a reasonable amount of stray animals in Cyprus but I would not say that they are a huge problem. You normally find more cats around restaurants on harbours - clever cats like the smell of fish! On Latchi harbour on the west for example, you will often find cats and kittens pleading for scraps but the restaurant owners usually shoo them away as they know many visitors don't like them.

As far as Ayia Napa goes, I don't live there but would assume it's a similar situation. They won't bother you too much and bear in mind that a small number are kept around to ward off other unsavoury creatures like rats and mice!

Try to choose restaurants where you can see there are not large numbers of cats running around and don't be afraid to ask owners to move them on if necessary. In your accommodation, it shouldn't be a problem although on the west where we have a lot of farmland, if you hire a villa you might well get adopted by a feline friend for a few days...cats like to roam more in the summer months. Just chase them off if it causes a problem or contact one of the many animal rescue organisations on the island who will help to rehome/neuter any strays.

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