Spring Violas and Pansies Picture

by Helen (website owner)

Yellow/purple and orange violas

Yellow/purple and orange violas

Now I know violas aren't exactly wild flowers, but the way they grow in my garden, you would think they were!

The seed heads just blow everywhere and while the violas in these pictures were planted by my mum in December, the little critters just keep popping up everywhere...

...among the geraniums; at the bottom of the bougainvillea; in my chilli pots; beside the roses...

So I'm now imitating nature and pulling off the seed heads as the flowers fade, to drop them into every available pot and spare piece of earth.

They will just keep growing virtually all year with enough water, and as the winters are relatively mild in Cyprus, I should have vibrant color, courtesy of the simple voila/pansy pretty much all year round.

Update November 2011 - cooler weather is now here and, sure enough, my little violas are popping up in pots everywhere. They look amazing and bring so much color back to the garden.

While spring is my favourite time for wild flowers as everything is in bloom and the landscape is green, autumn is a fabulous time for garden plants in Cyprus as early rains bring life back to every bush that has gone into hibernation during the summer. And flowers in pots thrive :)

See my gardening pages for more pictures - I'm even now growing climbing squash and cucumbers in pots too.

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Jun 12, 2011
Pansies the World Over
by: Chris Eirschele

Love those pansies wherever they grow. It is wonderous how they thrive in so many different climates. I think their best gift that in one type of flower you can get so many colors.

Chris Eirschele is an avid gardener and writer based in the US. Check out her wonderful pansy pictures and other garden musings here.

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