Snowflake, who was just one day old when I adopted her.

by Sunlight

Five years I started to look after the cats on the street. I just cannot turn away my head when I see a cat, who is hungry, hurt or lost. So five years ( nearly six) on, I have street cats.

One night one of my street cat made kitties. I was sad. The place was not good for the kitties. And how I thought in the morning began the problems. The day was so hot, Angel and the kitties had no shadow at all. So she begun to bring me all the kittens. She thought it was right to do that. I looked after her, I had to look after the kitties, too. I wanted too much, but I could not leave her to bring them to my door.

The reason I do not like to write, I do not want to tell bad about people, but believe me I had very good reason to not leave her there. So she brought the kitties to me, I took them back. This went on for hours. I was worried. The kitties needed their mother, they were hot and hungry, but Angel did not give up. She did not feed them, she just brought the kitties to me. Six beautiful kitties. Two of them was nearly dead after two - three hours. This I could not watch, so I took the two kitties, and gave to a rescue mother cat, who had three, two weeks old kitties. I wished, she looked after the other two, too.

Unfortunately I could not stay with them, I had to go to work for a couple of hours. All that time my thoughts were with the kitties. When I finished work, I ran home. One of the kittens was already dead, but the other....? She was just one day old, and she pushed away the two weeks old, to get milk, too. She did not leave herself. And like so she saved her life. The mother accepted her, I believe she felt the power of the little kitty, who just did not want to die. She got a name: Snowflake, but I should call her Snowball, because she is like her mother, does not eat a lot, but she is fat. She is a healthy, adult cat and never went back to the street. From the six kitties, just she survived. Sorry but I could not find any photo of her, when she was a little one.


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Mar 11, 2011
Thank you.
by: Sunlight

I thank you very much for publishing the story and for the link.:) When I have time I bring you more stories, and photos, I have a lot. And I think I always will. :)

Mar 10, 2011
Cyprus rescue cats
by: Helen (website owner)

Thanks for your lovely story about Snowflake. I've put a link at the bottom of your story for you so people can read about the hard work you do caring for the many cats abandoned or in need of care in Cyprus.

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