Smoking policy in Cyprus

by Sue

What is the smoking policy in Cyprus especially in the hotels, thinking of going next year, but not if I have to sit in smoke filled rooms and restaurants. Thank you for your help.

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Aug 28, 2017
smoking in Protares
by: tina

When the smoking ban was introduced, it was wonderful, only the odd selfish person smoked, in the last couple of years everyone smokes in all bars, even some of the bands chain smoked. It was really disappointing and stopped us going out as much or we had to watch from a wall on the opposite side of the road. Hopefully most decent restaurants should be smoke free but no guarrantee.

Jun 30, 2016
No smoking policy in Cyprus
by: Helen

Cyprus has a no smoking policy in all public places including restaurants and hotels but only INDOORS. Some will have have separate smoking areas indoors.

In summer, when many restaurants and hotels have doors and windows open due to the heat, yoou will find that some smoke travels, but it's never usually a problem.

You will find that small tavernas, especially those away from the main resorts in hillside villages, DO allow smoking even though it's against the law and there are heavy fines for both owner and the person smoking. This is mainly in the quieter winter months when most of the trade is local and the owners do not want to lose essential business from their regular local trade.

I just avoid "smoky" places like this in the winter! In summer you can always find a table away from a smoker as they are allowed to smoke outside which can be annoying. Just ask to move if it bothers you :)


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