SIM cards in Cyprus

by Miep

EUR25 for a SIM card?

That is not exactly cheap.
Especially when we BOTH take a SIM card to communicate together cheaply, rather than both having to pay for the international calls.

Surely there must be a cheaper version than the one you recommend?


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Nov 30, 2009
Cost of Cyta Sim cards in Cyprus
by: Helen

The Cyta Sim card is cheap for UK visitors where most UK companies charge a high fee for making any international calls. £3-4 per call for just a few minutes talk time is not uncommon.

But for other nationalities, their service providers may not charge such high rates so it may be better to use their own phone. I don't know what mobile phones cost in Holland, for example, so for you yes €25 euros may be expensive.

Please note however that I only recommend using a Cyprus SIM card if you plan to make a fair number of calls. If it's just the odd phone call then it won't be cheaper.

Areeba is the only other provider offering services via 3G on the island but you have to visit a shop to get a card for € 12.50 for 30 days - currently a limited edition offer, not sure what normal price is - (and calls are on top) and sign a contract. This is not easy for most visitors as Cyta cards are available at all airports and kiosks - you may pay more for a taxi trying to find an Areeba store!

If anyone knows of a cheaper option please share!

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