Shopping near Polis

by Henri

I saw that you like cooking, can you tell us where we can find good food, like bread, fish, meat, wine……in the Polis regions.

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May 18, 2013
Best place to shop near Santa Marina
by: Anonymous

We are flying out for two weeks on 1 June and staying in a villa. Where is the best place to shop near Santa Marina, we have a car so can travel. We need all the normal stuff but also plenty of fresh fish. Thanks Alan

May 07, 2012
Sunday shopping
by: tony

Helen, thanks for your help,we are travelling at the end of May so we won't need to carry tins of beans and tuna across Europe.
Thanks again Tony

May 06, 2012
Sunday shopping in Polis Cyprus
by: Helen

Shops are open on a Sunday once the "season" kicks in so from April until mid November approximately. All restaurants will be open from March onwars, but if you come in the winter/low season months between end November and end February, many restaurants are closed.

May 06, 2012
Sunday shopping
by: tony

Hello Helen, we are arriving on a Sunday c.5 pm and staying at Peristerona, we thought the likely place to have shops open to feed two hungry kids would be Polis ,are shops open on Sunday? Otherwise we could eat at a restaurant, again will there be anything open?

Many thanks for any help you can give.Best wishes Tony.

Nov 21, 2011
Polis supermarkets
by: Helen

November 2011 update - we're now spoilt for choice in Polis as we have Papantoniou and a big Orphanides supermarket close by near the school.

The smaller E&S is also still open in Polis so there is a good choice.

I tend to shop at Paps though my main gripe is they have no idea on stock control and always run out of things you want to buy.

But they do have the widest choice of all the big supermarkets and a good organic/gluten free section - when they have stock that is!

Jul 28, 2010
Visiting wineries in Cyprus
by: Helen

You CAN just visit and of course buy wine when you get there BUT you need to ring ahead for some of the smaller wineries as they just don't have the staff to keep the winery open all day.

The tel numbers are elsewhere on the site on the wine pages or pick up a Cyprus wine route guide from the CTO.

Jul 27, 2010
Winery Location
by: Andrew

Helen - Can you help us with the winery location - we are going on 4 August 2010

Can you just drop by and taste and buy from them?

Jul 11, 2010
Shopping near Pomos/Polis in Cyprus
by: Helen

Tony, the comments I previously made still stand. Pomos has a tiny supermarket for basics but you will need to do your meat/fruit veg etc shop in Polis. Don't bother with Paphos - it's a 1 hour 20 min drive from Pomos!!

Apart from the shops near school on way into Polis already mentioned below, the shops on the right hand side of road leading to Latchi (opposit bowling alley) are also good - large bakery (expensive!) and good fruit market called Kaites - we get most stuff from there or Yianni's on row fo shops above.


Jul 11, 2010
by: Tony

Hi Helen,

Can you recommend any markets for meat, fish, fruit or veg that is within easy access of Pomos / Polis or even in Paphos ? Myself and the family plan to stay in Pomos in August and it would be nice if the majority of our shopping budget didn't go to Papantoniou !!!

Nov 07, 2007
Find Cyprus food and drink near Polis
by: Helen

You can find everything you want in Polis:

Large supermarket Papantoniou has everything though we tend to just shop there for items the smaller shops don't sell and use the smaller specialist butchers/fishmongers/fruit and vegetable stores for local produce (plus I hate big supermarket chains taking over the world!)

Row of shops on your left past the school as you enter Polis from Argaka - bakery and fruit/veg shop there - both very good.
Papantoniou is 100m further on on your left - entrance opposite the "Flo" cafe.
Fishmonger is in town - turn right past the church, right again, then left past Chris Spiritis supermarket (another good fruit shop) then left again. Fishmonger is on your right and is excellent.

For wine - choose Onoufrious for red and Vasilikon for white (our favourites on the Cyprus Travel Secrets site) - stocked by all the supermarkets inc the small ones OR (if you think you'll get through a case of 12!) we'll tell you how to get to the winery in Kathikas 20mins drive away. Around £3.50 a bottle in supermarket, £26 for a case!

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