Price of food in Cyprus


What is the price of food now that Cyprus has joined the euro?

Is food in Cyprus more expensive than last year or is it the same?

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Feb 17, 2011
Food prices in Cyprus
by: Helen

Jan you are right that many foodstuffs you are used to buying in the UK are far more expensive in Cyprus. I make that point clearly in my various food pages ie. DON'T buy UK branded products if you can help it.

But your prices on milk and bread are not correct, at least not at today's prices - it's possible you were here over high summer or Easter when shops put all their prices up, but milk today costs around 1.85 euros per 1.5 litre and bread (Cypriot round traditional loaf) costs 1.85 euros. Take 15% off the euro price to get the approx sterling equivalent.

Still WAY too expensive which is why I try to make my own bread whenever I can:)

Some things are changing however. Various chains such as GB foods are now bringing in UK branded products (mainly household stuff and non perishable goods) at cheaper prices plus Lidl has just opened in Limassol and will expand into Paphos soon.

This has prompted a price war on key items like milk which is 1.52 euros for 1.5 litres at Orphanides in Polis (new store). Personally I continue to shop at smaller fruit markets for much of my shopping and only use the big supermarkets for bigger items as whatever offer they have, they make up for it by overcharging on something else!

Feb 14, 2011
Cost of food in Cyprus
by: jan

I was in Cyprus last year and a small can of coca-cola was 3 euros and bread 2.70 and 1 lt milk was 2.79 that's expensive and if you are going on holiday there, take your own coffee,sugar,tea and coffee-mate from England. It's very expensive there, twice as much as it is here in England. All the salad is cheap and other things that the Greeks use but what we use as English people is well over the odds.

Jun 10, 2008
Cost of living and food in Cyprus
by: Helen

Since joining the euro in January 2008, prices have increased in some areas but much of this is to do with the rise in food prices worldwide rather than stores trying to charge more due to the euro.

Bread, for example, is now around 15% more expensive than last year, mainly due to the price increase of wheat worldwide. Other items have increased by around 5% but this is in line with inflation and also due to increases in delivery costs due to the high price of fuel.

Some stores, especially bakeries, put prices up at the start of the year, even though dual pricing had been in place and still is until the end of July. We may then see more increases by unscrupulous stores trying to profiteer as many customers will not be as used to looking at prices in euros when they have had the luxury of seeing the price in CYP pounds too.

My advice is to shop around if you have time to compare prices and to always buy local, non branded products as these are always cheaper than imported branded items.



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