Paphos in Winter

by John

Paphos harbour

Paphos harbour

My wife is keen to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Paphos in January. I have had some difficulty with flights back to our local airport, Exeter (strangely there is a flight OUT in January) also some of the top end hotels claim to be unavailable, perhaps closed? Is the resort generally closed around this time (winter) and would we be better off making a visit a little later in the Spring? Thanks JOHN Dorset.

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Nov 21, 2011
Paphos in winter time
by: Helen

Some hotels and restaurants do close in January/February simply as there are not enough tourists around to stay open profitably.

But there are enough places open to have a pleasant holiday and you won't be bombarded by crowds of tourists. You may, hoever, find many restaurants very quiet which may alter the atmosphere for you.

If you can leave it till springtime, the weather in Paphos is less likely to be rainy and there will be far more people around in the run-up to Easter.

Dec 11, 2007
Paphos in January
by: Helen

Hi John
Paphos is obviously a lot quieter in January/the winter months but the resort is not closed.
Some of the hotels close for a couple of months and more have been doing so in the last 2 years. This is because the "package holiday" trade has suffered with more people booking their own flights/accommodation so some hotels have decided to close for the winter months rather than stay open.

You will be able to find hotels that are open but you may have to look a little harder. if you're looking for something special, try one of the spa hotels in Paphos on the 5 star hotel page like the Thalassa or Elysium (they should be open as not "package hotels"). Most restaurants stay open but may close for a day or two per week.
What I would say is that you are more likely to get rain in January than later in the spring. So, depending on whether you are happy to chill out in a smart hotel versus getting some guaranteed sunshine...even if it does rain, the temperature is still warm. We walked today (Dec 10th) in 20 degree sunshine.

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