Only seven days old and already on the street!

by Sunlight

On 29 of May, 2011 I was at work. I listened a kitty to cry, so I went outside. I had not so much time and I could not find her so I had to go back to work.

After four hours I listened and the kitty was still crying and I had time, so I went outside to find the kitty. She was at the place of the street cats, and she was very small.

Her eyes were not open 100%, so I think she was just 6 - 8 days old. I picked her up, and checked. She was very clean, no flies, no scratch, no dirt. Strange! Who put her there.

Fortunately I always have in my bag eye drop, so I throw the eye drop in a glass, I cleaned the bottle, filled up with milk and water mix, and gave food for the kitty.

She was very hungry, she drank two bottle, she purred to me and when I put her in a box she went to sleep. I knew the milk was not the right food for her, but it saved her life.

She is still with me, I feed her every day six - seven times, she grows a lot, she already can walk, her teeth are coming, so I think she is alright. I took the photos when she was one week with me. ( I have newest photos also, just I has no time to take them out from the camera. Next time. :)

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Jun 20, 2011
Thank you
by: Sunlight

Thank you to publish the story. :)
Not long time ago I promised to my husband I did not bring a new cat home, but this little one I could not leave there.

She had no chance to live on the street. At least I try to save her. It is little hard work, but I think she deserved to live.:)

Jun 14, 2011
Beautiful Cyprus kitten
by: Helen (website owner)

She is so beautiful Sunlight. You are such a kind person to give so much love to these tiny creatures. Blessings to you :)

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