One day room rental in Paphos

by Anita

We have booked a villa holiday for next summer in Coral bay. We have to be out of the villa by 10 am on the last day and have a night flight home.

Do you know of anywhere in the area that would rent us a room for the day so as to avoid carting all our luggage around? I would be grateful for any help.

Kind regards,Anita.

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Jul 25, 2012
Luggage storage
by: Helen (website owner)

In the summer months, most apartments and villas are fully booked and I'm not aware of any rooms available on a one day basis.

However, many people have evening flights and are faced with the dilemma/hassle of where to put their luggage so they can enjoy their last day without having to cart bags around with them.

Here are some suggestions:

1 Contact your villa company to see whether they have a facility to store luggage when you leave the villa. The owners, for example, may be happy for you to leave your bags at their house for the day as many villa owners live close by.

2 If you are hiring a car, you could ask the car hire company whether they'd mind you leaving your bags at their offices. If you have a hire car, you can lock your bags in the boot too.

3 If taking a taxi back to the airport, ask your taxi firm to store bags in their offices.

4 During your holiday, ask at local restaurants whether they have a place to store your bags. The ones you frequent regularly will probably be more than happy to help or suggest a relative or friend who can!

5 If you really just want to rent a room for the day, you could try one of the privately owned apartments online. They may be able to help if they don't have anyone staying at that time.

Basically, you will find a solution to your problem during your holiday. Just ask around.

Good luck

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