Moving to Cyprus?

by Rachael

My boyfriend is currently in the army and he wants to be posted to Cyprus but I want to go with him which the army said was ok. But I was wondering how do I go about getting a visa and stuff for me to live there for 2 years?? Thank you

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Jan 27, 2013
Visa requirements for Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

For visa requirements, please see this Cyprus visa page.

For other information, read the pages on my site eg. for accommodation options, and visit your local embassy for specific Canadian requirements. You will not, for instance, be able to stay more than a certain period as a non EU citizen unless you have work.

Jan 23, 2013
Moving to cyprus
by: Jimmy

Hello, everybody i live in canada and i'm planing to move to cyprus ijust wanna know what papers i need what should i do to move there, a visa what kind of visa, just information and thank you verry much

Jan 18, 2013
by: Jimmy

Hi, i'm a canadian and i just wanna know if i could move and live in cyprus

Dec 11, 2012
moving to cyprus
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone!
I need your help as I am having issues to find the right info on my case. I am from Albania and my girlfriend is from Ukraine... We studied and lived together for a year in the USA and moved back to our respective countries. Now she got hired by a local employer in Cyprus and is moving there. As my chances to land a job online are really low cuz I dont know neither Russian nor Ukrainan, we were hoping I could join her in Cyprus. I dont need visa to visit Cyprus, but is there a chance I can join her and get a permit to live there during her employment term?

Apr 11, 2011
living in Cyprus
by: Helen

Getting an apartment is easy. There are hundreds of empty ones - just have to choose one you can afford.

Jobs? Again there is work but you have to look and be prepared to work hard. Don't expect it to be easy as cost of living has risen sharply here in last few years.

Whether you are in the EU or not, you have to register with immigration and prove a certain amount of income - either through a job with an employer or savings in a Cypriot bank account if you are self employed.

Spouses/partners can apply through their partners - the army should surely be able to give you the correct advice?

Apr 11, 2011
what is needed to move to cyprus?
by: Ash

Hi we are having the same problem I am in the army and wish for my girlfriend to come to cyprus for 2 years but still am not sure on what she will need. We're worried about if it is easy to get an apartment and for her to get a job?
We have been told that she has to have a job in place before she can move over is this true?

Jan 08, 2009
No via required for EU citizens moving to Cyprus
by: Helen

Hi Rachael

I'm absolutely sure you do not need a visa if you already are a citizen from an EU country. There is free movement of citizens between countries in the EU.

You will need to pop along to the local immigration office to register that you have arrived in Cyprus and intend to stay for x months/years. There is a small fee to pay and then you get what's called an "alien" card. That is maybe what you have read in terms of "paperwork" required but it's not the same as a visa. Those are only required by non EU nationals wishing to visit Cyprus.

Jan 08, 2009
4 helen
by: Rachael

thank you for taking the time out to answer my question helen but are you sure i wont need a visa? and yes i am from the uk

Jan 08, 2009
Moving to Cyprus from the UK
by: Helen

Hi Rachael

You don't need a visa to come and live in Cyprus if you are an EU citizen (Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004). I believe you are from the UK?

As far as other paperwork goes, just make sure you get the appropriate medical form (the "E" form for receiving reciprocal health care in another EU country) in case of any illnesses.

Enjoy Cyprus!


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