Moving to Cyprus - sending my car

by Simon

We are thinking of moving to Cyprus from the UK. My wife is Cypriot & has a Cypriot passport & I am British.

She has relatives in Cyprus & I was wondering if anyone knew if it would work out cheaper for us to sell our car to one of my wife's relatives for a nominal amount & have them ship it over rather than import it ourselves.

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Jun 20, 2009
Duty on car imports to Cyprus
by: Helen

See the Cyprus government website which has a document about importing cars into the country.

This will give you all the up to date information.

Jun 20, 2009
Moving car to Cyprus
by: Peter

I have a similar problem but cannot find a clear answer.
If I would like to import a car to Cyprus for my private use and I'm resident in this country because I'll be working here should I pay duty or any custom before registration ?
I read that I need to own this car more then six month in V5 documment but is it important in this case or not?

May 28, 2009
importing a car from UK
by: Helen

Answer partly depends on the car engine size.
Anything over 2500 cc attracts a much higher "emissions duty" (basically another tax!). If you are retiring here you can import the car "duty free" but not if you plan to work here.

Selling the car to a relative is only cheaper if they can also claim duty free status. The cost of shipping it will be the same whoever owns the car.

In our experience, a cheap small car is worth shipping especially if relatively new as duty is low and cheap to insure/tax. If you have a 4x4 with big engine, be careful you don't get hit with a big duty charge (it used to be £ 8 per cc but has come down a lot to around £ 2.50 per cc but that's still over £8500 in duty for a 3.5 litre car.)


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