Motorbike license

by rihanna

I'm 17 years old (girl by the way) and I love motorbikes. I've saved up enough money to buy myself a kawasaki Inja 250r ,but I know I can't drive it at my age :( .

Is there anyway I can drive it at the age of 18? I really want to drive it and I can't wait until I'm 21 -.- it's a long way . Is there anyway? even if I can drive it off road, would I be able to? and what license do I have to require to drive this motorbike?

Please help I really want to know? and if I can't drive a 250cc is there any nice motorbikes out there which I can drive at the age of 18? not scooters I dont really like scooters that much hah xD

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Jul 12, 2011
Motorbikes in Cyprus
by: Helen

I think you need to be 21 to ride a 250cc bike.. I'm not sure what licence you need but go to your nearest transport office to find out.

Off-road? Possibly. But I would suspect you would be doing that illegally.

The transport office is your best bet or you will just have to get used to riding a smaller cc bike until you are older.

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