Minimum age laws and restrictions in Cyprus

by Chris
(United Kingdom)

I've lived in Cyprus but only from a young age 5-10. And now that I'm reaching adult age

(18 soon) and I'm living in England, I've realised how little basics I know about age laws
and restrictions in Cyprus.

I was just wondering if you knew the answers to the following.

1) The age you need to be to hire a moped?

2) Whether you need a moped license? (I have a full UK driving license but not a moped license)

3) What the legal drinking age is?

4) What the legal smoking age is?

5) How much cigarettes/alcohol can you bring back to the UK?

6) How old you need to be to hire a car?

7) Whether Cyprus is now Euro's?

Brilliant site btw unlike the other very commercialised Cyprus sites out there.

Thanks a lot, I hope you can respond asap as I'm looking to book my holiday :)

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Aug 31, 2014
Cyprus laws and restrictions
by: Adam Brockhurst

Hey guys!!! I am 14 and I have been going to Cyprus for several years with my family , in fact I just got back last week! from all the years I have visited Ayia Napa I have discovered an hole new world , everyone is just so chilled they is hardly no crime or violence and the nightlife is just incredible especially if you are like me and like to party ha! But most importantly the sandy beaches and the crystal blue see that allows sea sports such as jet skies , water skies , banana boat and lots more ...

Well I could go on talking about Cyprus but I should tell you about the laws and restrictions in Cyprus? Well I have a close aunty that lives in Ayia Napa near Nissi Beach , I normally go and stop with her its awesome because she has a pool and its not everyday your aunty buys an house in Cyprus with a pool is it?

I am so lucky to have that sort of family. Anyway although I am 14 years old I still get served with alcohol , no matter what pub you are in weather its on the strip in Ayia Napa or weather its just an normal relaxed pub they will serve me and other children around my age , so what I would say if you don't want your child to be drinking keep an eye on them because the Greeks will serve them no matter what it is weather its just a pint or weather its a shot so just keep a little look out.

Because Cyprus is such a relaxed county it sits back on its laws , means they still have the same laws as the UK but the Police doesn't always follow them or the people who live in Cyprus , they are such lovely people and they trust such a good amount of people and that's what I love about Cyprus that's what makes me want to move to Cyprus when I am older!

You don't see much of the Police over in Cyprus really they just ride about about midnight around the pubs to make sure the music isn't too loud. Although the people in the supermarkets / kiosks are a little too laid back with their supermarket laws , people my age can be served with a 100ml bottle of vodka , cigs , lighters and basically anything they want so again just keep a look out for your children , they wouldn't serve a 10 year old they usually serve people around my age which is 14. The age of the jet skies is just as the same as the UK 18 so don't worry about your children running off and hiring a jet ski ha!

And finally if u decide to rent a car on your holiday and forget your driving licence don't worry only thing you need is your passport and same as if u wanted to hire a quad or bike all you need is your passport and the age of driving is 16. Thankyou for reading I can promise you that all the imformation I have just told you is strictly and confidently correct Cyprus is the best holiday destinations to visit and it is made for all sorts of holidays weather its a lads holiday , family , kids and even pensioners.

May 13, 2013
Quad bike hire in Cyprus
by: Anonymous

hi i am 20 and want to hier a quad bike i pased my full car test on 26/05/11 and my full bike test on 3/5/12. will i be abel to and if not what can i hier i am compleatly cababel of riding a quad bike as i have riden them since a young age.

Sep 03, 2012
Hiring a car in cyprus
by: Anonymous

I have held a full UK licence since Feb 2012, I am over 25 and under 70. Will I be able to hire a car in Cyprus? Answers as soon as possible as I fly in a weeks time.

Aug 11, 2012
alcohol limits in Cyprus
by: mollie:)

I went when I was 13 (I'm now fourteen) and I got served for alcohol everywhere we went. I stayed in Ayia napa. Also there isn't a legal age to smoke you can smoke at any age but you can't buy them till your 17 but you'll probably get served anyway.

Jul 10, 2012
Bars in Cyprus airports
by: Helen (website owner)

There are bars that sell alcohol in both Paphos and Larnaca international airports and, while you are underage with regard to British bars and airport lounges, in Cyprus the legal age for drinking is 17 so you should be fine.

Jul 01, 2012
Can i drink in Paphos airport?
by: George

I'm 17 and travelling to Cyprus for my mates 18th birthday, we were just wondering if we could drink in the airport when we are there or even purchase alcohol from duty free in the airport?

Jul 12, 2011
motorbike license
by: rihanna

hey guys i'm 17 year old girl who loves motorbikes.i have saved up enough money to buy a kawasaki ninja 250 for a starter bike. i know i cant drive 250cc now. But is there anyway I could drive it when im 18? even if its off road can I drive it? But I dont understand because in the u.k you can get your full license when you are 18 and drive up to 33BHP and then after 2 years you can buy any bike. why isnt it the same here?

May 05, 2011
Age for working in nightclubs iin Cyprus
by: Anonymous

Anyone know what how old you have to be to work in a nightclub in Cyprus ?

Mar 24, 2010
liability for under age drivers
by: Helen

I don't know the legal position but an under age driver is presumably driving either with or without the permission of the parent. The owner of the vehicle would face liability in terms of any insurance and, in the case of injury to a third party, may well be in trouble too as there is no-one else to blame if the person driving is not responsible.

Mar 23, 2010
under age driver in Cyprus
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if a parent can be held responsible in Cyprus for an under age bike rider that had an accident.

Nov 28, 2009
Moped Hire
by: Michelle

Does anyone know where a 18 year old can hire a moped/scooter from in the Paphos area. I hold a full UK driving licence.

Many Thanks

Aug 11, 2009
legal age in Cyprus for cigarettes
by: Helen

Yes you have to be 18 to legally buy cigarettes.

Aug 11, 2009
Smoking age in Cyprus
by: Anonymous

If the legal smoking age is 18 in Cyprus is it 18 as well to purchase cigarettes?

Jun 12, 2009
Moped hire
by: Anonymous

Hi, I read that the minimum age for hiring a moped in Cyprus is 17.
I however havn't managed to find any websites where I can hire a moped. Could you please if possible recommend a place where I can hire a moped from age 17 and up?

Feb 27, 2008
Minimum age laws in Cyprus
by: Helen

Hi Chris

Thanks for the kind feedback on the site!

1) The minimum age you need to be to hire a moped is 17 (50cc only). You must be 18 to hire a light motorcycle of 50cc to 125cc and 21 to hire larger more powerful motorbikes.

2) You only need a licence to drive a moped or motor cycle over 50cc and then you need to show a full motorcycle licence and your passport. In practice it's a good idea to take your driving licence whether provisional or full if you
want to hire a moped. Please note, however, that you MUST wear a helmet and that moped driving. as in many countries can be dangerous.
NB motorcycle use is considered dangerous in Cyprus and insurance companies will generally not insure beyond 3rd party fire and theft; this can make it difficult to find a company that will hire any motorcycle to young people.

3) The legal drinking age in Cyprus is 17. You can legally enter a nightclub at the age of 16 but you are not allowed to buy alcohol. In practice, many bar owners will probably serve you alcohol if you are under age but it is not legal.

4) The legal smoking age in Cyprus is 18.

5) Cyprus is now part of the EU, joining with 9 other new members in May 2004.
That means there are NO restrictions on the amount of cigarettes or alcohol you can
bring back to the UK as you will have paid any tax duties in Cyprus.

BUT you can only bring back alcohol and cigarettes FOR YOUR OWN CONSUMPTION.
You will see that many kiosks display signs saying you are limited to the quantity of cigarettes (200) you can take back to the UK but this restriction only applies to eight member states in the eastern block of Europe (eg Poland, Hungary etc). Note, however, that only SOUTHERN Cyprus (ie the Greek part) is in the EU.

NB. If you try to take back large quantities of cigarettes or alcohol eg. 3200+ cigarettes or 10 litres plus of spirits, you may get stopped at UK customs. Unlikely if you are travelling from Cyprus as it would be too heavy but be warned.

6) You need to be 25 years old to hire a car OR have held a clean driving licence for at
least 3 years. Some car hire companies will allow you to drive at 21 or 23 but most set the minimum age at 25.

7) Yes the currency in Cyprus is now the Euro.

Enjoy your trip to Cyprus!

Best Wishes


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