Living in Polis, cyprus

by jess buchanan
(grasse, france)

I am an artisan perfumer and Canadian and am looking to relocate in Polis. Currently I am based in Grasse, France- following training here in traditional French perfumery.

After researching your region, I feel that my ideas for business would suit what you have to offer and I would like to find a small studio apartment with space enough for my work, not too far from touristic pathways. I hope to set up my small business in Cyprus especially following the discovery of the oldest perfumery in history in Pyrgos... I am not interested in something touristic or luxury- I would prefer a home traditional and rustic that fits in to the feeling of the local community. I would like to be surrounded and inspired by the nature that makes the region so unique.

Partly why I am choosing Polis is because of Aphrodite's baths which fit also with my background as an aromatherapist and work within the spa industy.

I look forward to your response and to learning more about life on Cyprus.
Thank you in advance,
Jess Buchanan

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Jul 24, 2009
living in Polis
by: Helen

We're certainly warm and friendly here!

And you can be based anywhere when you sell primarily via the web!

Get in touch when you visit and I'll be pleased to offer advice. Will be interesting to see how prices for food etc compares to France as everything we hear (from foreigners in the Euro zone visiting) is that Cyprus is getting expensive!)

Best Wishes

Jul 24, 2009
moving to Cyprus
by: Jess

Hello Helen,
Thank you for your response. i suppose I should clarify a little that I already have a small business and have been sef-employed for about 10 years. I am currently restructuring my company and building my website which will be the primary exposure for sales. I had anticipated being based in Grasse- in the S of France- but the cost of living here is definitely higher than on Cyprus! (from what I can tell anyway) Plus the culture here on the Cote d'Azur is less warm and friendly which makes being a foreigner (who is not fluent in French) quite challenging.

I will certainly take your advice and visit first, but from what I have learned so far through extensive reading, I think I will love it there!

Have a great weekend!


Jul 24, 2009
Relocating to Polis
by: Helen

Hi Jess

I'm not a property expert so can only give you some advice!

1 You MUST visit the area first to see where you might like to live. There are many pretty rustic villages with rents on offer in small village houses a few minutes drive from the town or you can live in Polis itself. I couldn't begin to tell you where! You must visit the various property agents and see what you like. Examples of villages are Goudi, Peristerona, Skouli, Steni, Neo Chorio all within a 15 min drive of Polis.

2 There are several artisans in the area doing artwork, pottery, herbal remedies and aromatherapy etc. I will tell you that it is NOT easy to earn a decent living here and prices for everything have become expensive in the past 12 months partly as a result of us joining the Euro. People also have less money to spend especially retired ex pats whose savings are giving them zero interest and whose pensions are worth 30% less due to the Euro exchange rate v sterling. Do your sums carefully and have a contingency plan for survival in the first 2-3 years before starting a business.

For example, I started a web-based business to supplement our cycling business income whilst we were in the early stages of setting up the business.

Good luck


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