Importing cars to Cyprus

by Sheila
(Shipley, West Yorkshirre)

We are planning to relocate to Cyprus from the UK later this year and are thinking of bringing a car over. Are we correct in thinking that it would have to be a vehicle produced within the EC, or if not would cost us an arm and a leg to import it into Cyprus, if it were say a Japanese model? It's just that we have heard cars are very expensive to buy in Cyprus and we were thinking of purchasing a small Jeep and shipping it over.


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Jul 01, 2009
Buying Cars in Cyprus
by: Helen

As far as I'm aware, any car you import can be manufactured anywhere as long as it's been bought and duty paid in the UK.
The reason some cars are expensive over here is due to their engine size - a heavy duty has to be paid (effectively a green emissions tax) on cars over 2500 cc. It used to be much higher (CYP £8 per cc! but is now around € 2-3 Euros per cc - they keep changing the number - check the Cyprus government website for latest figures)

So if you are thinking of bringing over a car with a big engine, do the maths first - you can only have a duty free car if you are retiring. Small cars are quite cheap to buy here but they are also cheap to import and very little duty.


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