How to tackle aggressive behaviour and invasion of privacy

(Cyprus holiday villa)

The pool guy came round today but not to clean the pool. He was aggressive as he had been asked by the landlord abroad to sort out a broken parasol. There was no urgency and we had even asked the landlord by email if he wanted us to drop off the broken one to a repair shop. He entered the swimming area over the fence which is what he does to access the pool.

He shouted at us, threw the parasols over the fence and was swearing so much that it reduced me and my teenage daughter to tears. My daughter thought he was going to throw the parasol base at us. He threw that over another fence.
We have telephoned the landlord, but what can we do? Has he broken any privacy laws or should he be reported to the police for verbal assault?

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Aug 30, 2015
Villa problems
by: Helen

I'm afraid I'm not an expert on privacy laws, but it sounds as if this is the landlord's problem. It doesn't sound to me as if he should be employing this person for any job including cleaning the pool!

If he normally comes into the property to clean the pool via climbing the fence, and he has always done this, presumably with your consent, then I would doubt whether he can be cautioned for invading your privacy. His abusive behaviour on the other hand is worrying and he should be released from his duties by the landlord. I would suggest contacting the landlord to tell him/he you will be contacting the police if he/she doesn't take appropriate action.

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